September 20, 2014

Tonights fun...

 This evenings entertainment is at St Gobain, Robins' gaff; its part of the festival du vin. The road is closed to accomodate the hordes and on my evening stroll everyone was heading there - heres our Sian looking glam:)
 Bob and I are tragically all food-and-wined out and are settling in for a quiet evening followed by an early night.

- Its the towns vide-grenier tomorrow, have to be fit for that.

Here is the railway line, looking in need of a trim. It does function, very well - just looks disused.

September 19, 2014

yesterday, Narbonne plage - today the world

Yesterday had a lovely drive through the mists, over the mountains to Narbonne and our favourite fish resturant, l'air Marine (// ; thereafter a stroll on Gruissan plage which was very windy. Great day of chatter and fun though, finishing in the garden with spag sans bol and chasing off the bees which we had woken with our candles.
Today to Limoux to collect the alarmingly charming Clive, thence  lunch at Gaydar  (   - and so farewell to our friends who finish their time with us and go off elsewhere. Come back soon. Heart heart.

September 17, 2014

dinner chez nous

 Its ages since Ive given a proper dinner and last night was reminded why I enjoy them so much - the hubub and laughter of people meeting and on is such a delight!
Aleicias parents Lily and Phil are here from Washington, come to see their new (first) grandchild; our friends Rick and Clare are staying; Cathy and Kenny are in town.

Kenny is an amazing accomplished artist - heres his site

 -and the star of the show :)

September 16, 2014

Elly Bakker vernissage - too many artists

Below is Elly with Julie Soskin last night - terrific vernissage at the Tourist centre, Quillan, much enjoyed by us all. Elly made the classic mistake though - invited only artists:) They are too poor to buy. Spotted only two people I know who are not painters (Mike and Suzie). Great evening anyway, thanks Elly -

September 14, 2014

All Sunday's news

 GESSPE (acroynym for who knows what -) were singing in Occitian outside the church; lovely and probably very drole but my Occitan is a bit rusty;
 Cathy and Kenny were there, meeting many people they previously knew only by reputation... the dazed expression is a symptom, perhaps;
here is Richard outside the 8a8 with a new (second hand) electric bike which looks like just the job for local pottering. Takes hills easily too. Might try a test drive and see if its suitable for old ladies.

Just to round things off, here is a charming shed and a cryptic door.

September 12, 2014

busy day doing nothing much

 Voila! DAWN breaking on the bridge. I woke up early and had a splendidly entertaining morning, before collasping into what will certainly be another early night and pretty soon at that.

By good luck I met Pete and we took coffee together (Kats away so I have to find other coffee partners) and Olle-Bendick joined us. Others chipped in and the floor show was hugely droll - mostly because the Rue Voltaire next to the 8a8 was closed for repaving as was the end of the Rue Republique so persons had to walk around past the Post Office or round the back near Roy and Jo's Maison de Riviere. The citizens right of passage was disrupted massively, as we heard from many sources - culminating in a jeune garcon Pete described as a 'character' insisting on independence for Esperaza, like Scotland.

By the end of play all had been completed. Roads are again open. The threat of a breakaway commune has receeded.

Its been very hot again, though with a pleasent breeze. Squandered some time this afternoon with Angus and Mary, back from holidaying in Spain; Tim and Yvonne, still here; Kenny and Cathy are here too, Cathy looking sensationally good and a few months off the birth of her boy child. (She dosent expect to be in Esperaza for then so I didnt offer my now-famous birthing pool )

September 10, 2014

autumn mornings, high summer days

To say that the weather is weird is to quack a platitude. Fortunately this has never daunted me. Today is as the last few; misty morning, hot hot day, and in past afternoons', rolling distant thunder followed by a return to go, without rain or storm. Bees unsettled; here they are, possibly cooling the hive (who knows?) They hang about en masse making bee noises. Oswald the intrepid tortoise is pretending to be a door stop while she decides if its near hibernation time yet
 The new reading room adjascent to my study is almost finished - heres the view from the sofa :) (You need one to read on)
 And Esperaza this morning. Not actually the mist but the stone dust as the little road at the side of Max and Andreas house gets paved.