February 2, 2016

Stop Press

Leigh has written to say that he and Lorraine are getting married in September, which is a surprise to all. They'd been together for 30 years and my assumption was that there was a legal document somewhere in the line... now to deal with French bureaucracy, hahaha:)

 When the time comes I'm hoping that the happy couple will share some photos. In the meantime, here are lovers' locks in Ljubljana.

Congratulations to you darlings:)

Dawn and the traveller

 Heres Bob boarding the train to catch the navette to get to the airport to go to Stanstead to catch the bus to get the tube to catch the local bus to get to his house... poor chap will be lucky if he gets in before 9.00pm. Its a long day.

Heres dawn in Esperaza...plus  the Cafe du Pont cranking up and a neighbouring cat.

These dawn shots (of the square and the Avenue de la Gare) reminded me of Vincents' night paintings of Arles... its the sky that does it, that particular blue.

 Voila! advance warning of  of a vide maison that might be good... and beautiful Bella, still laying - plus her handsome husband.

January 31, 2016

Slightly dismal Sunday

Windy and wet but still fun, withall... the tribes were out and the social wheels continue to turn.

Not so in Couiza where it seems the Carnotzet has burnt down between Friday and Saturday. We drove past the site going to the vets and noticed stuff happening but I just thought they were rebuilding it out of season. I guess they were!


Forgot to say that Georges our Mayor has replied to a letter I wrote proposing a model for an arts association - Kat and Margaret and I ran into the association in Narbonne and were impressed. Georges also thought the ideas interesting. This is apropos our new arts centre in the old presbytry where the works will be starting in 2017; alas, no-one will be allowed to work in there till the project is completed.

January 30, 2016

Saturday drama

Dear Lily contrived to be bitten by another dog last night and by this morning has a swollen leg that rendered her unable to walk; she was clearly in pain. So early phone call to the vet and a 9.00am appointment. Which was cancelled when we arrived as the vet was off on an emergency, stitching up a hunt dog that had been gored by a wild boar.

Eventually, at noon, we got seen. Lily had an antibiotic shot and a painkiller shot and enough drugs to keep her cheery for the week. At 100 euros, they'd better be good -

 (The photos are her holiday snaps from Christmas.)

January 26, 2016


Everywhere there are strikes. Taxi drivers are blocking the airport roads to complain about Uber, the computer site that connects you to cheap taxis; in the Loire, agricultural workers are striking because at this time of year theres not much to do and they feel undervalued; the tax office in Couiza is on strike because today was the day I was trying to meet with them. 

Alas, the taxi strikes are causing a lot of violence on the motorways they are blocking - the news shows burning tyres, fisticuffs and riot police.

Here all is quiet. Sunny day. Trees having haircuts. 
Met Robin from St Gobain - he and Jennifer have been on holiday and re-open on Sunday.

January 25, 2016

No better Monday

Beautiful day - drawing in the MJC (where you are welcome if you fancy yourself with a pencil)* followed by studio work, followed by a glutinous dinner at Margarets, without John who is in Ireland.  Heres Bob, enjoying Margarets company - as did Kat, who is out of shot. 

*Mondays, 10 - 12 am, 1st floor, 5 euros to pay for model, no tuition, bring your own materials.

January 24, 2016

Esperaza Sunday

 The market was lovely and the weather sunny - forced to take off a jumper - thence to lunch at the Creperie.

I've vowed to stop taking pix of our friends eating and drinking but some exclusions must be made. Andree, for instance - here drinking cider from the traditional bowl -
and here Patrick and Claudinne chat while Crystal and Jean just get snapped. Bob got in last night and very good it is to see him but I forgot to photograph him.

Below for no particular reason is yesterdays sunrise clearing the mist.