July 28, 2014

Alecia's 3rd birthday in Esperaza

Alecias birhday:) - and how different from last years- Etienne was unsuspected then and now a very vocal prescence in our lives, hurrah.

This years pizza came from the newly-reopened pizza place opposite the news agents in Rue Gambetta and very good it is too. Proper. Alecia made a cake that ought to be illegal and we drank her prize bottle of Blanquette (from the Toques et Clochers)

All very, very good. Bob broke with his regime and joined us at the table though not for long. Fun though.
Had a brief look at the night market which I will enjoy another time - when there is less rain - forecast for tomorrow is good for the land and then moves back to being good for humans.

July 27, 2014

hot sunday

 Glorious market day... met Ryan and Alecia taking the air with young Etienne Frederick-Nicolas who is growing fast. 

Good news of Bob, who has been told that the retina is still attached and all he has to do is keep still for another two weeks. Two weeks after that we see specialist again. Then he will be told when he can travel and how. Thanks to all for the good wishes :)
Below is a photo of the new butcher, new in that hes only been here a few years. Been meaning for ages to ask if I could snap him - and the signs that tell you about the french way of meat-eating; if you know the family, its OK. Caught him first thing this morning before the place was crowded.

July 25, 2014

guilty pleasures

 Feeling very sad for Bob- horribly mean to leave him alone for the evening, he's still laid up to aid recovery after the detached retina -  nonetheless.....

it was Nels brothers' big birthday and old friends from our London days were there, plus Nels family whom I've heard of over the years and was looking forward to meeting. I'm not naming anyone because the Dutch have weird monikas that I can only pronounce after a lot of blanquette and wouldn't dream of trying to spell.
Except for Jaap, the birthday boy, eating oysters with zoon, above - (that's not his name, that means his son) (so they tell me -)
Our Nel needs no introduction though  :) Nor does dear Stan...

a sympa, convivial, musical, gourmet fun fest;  many thanks to all:)

The storm broke in the night after a few very hot days, nice to have the garden watered and the temperatures cooled a little.

Bad news and good news from  America - Barbara writes that Larry was hospitalised after collapsing at a party. Mercifully he's now well - the vargus nerve reacting to circumstances that can now be avoided.
Making him a cheap date, Barbara :)

July 23, 2014

speed update

I'm back, brother-in-law has returned to Blighty apparently none the worse for wear; Bob gets to interim specialist in Friday so more news on him then; Andree went to hospital today, early, but they sent her home after a few tests as she is so well.
Thats enough excitement....

July 17, 2014


I lifted this picture from Ceri on Facebook - a lovely portrait of Claude. Claude has died; came off his quad bike, it seems, but there is going to be an inquest anyway. So very sad. He was a wonder.
Wishing courage and sending much love to his family and especially his daughters.She writes;

Bonjour à vous tous, j'ai le regret de vous annoncé le décès de notre père Claude Bayle, il nous a quittés ce lundi soir. Il est partit sans se retourner et sans souffrance, c'était un homme bon avec un cœur énorme. Je compte sur vous tous pour lui rendre hommage comme il se doit. Il laisse derrière lui 3 filles et 9 petits enfants qui sont très fières de lui. Merci à vous tous et je vous tiendrais informé de la date de ses funérailles.

July 16, 2014

new beginings

Here is our Mayor George Reverte congratulating Ryan on his son's birth whilst handing over the birth certificate. The mayor says this is the first Esperaza birth he has signed for; a home birth, not in hospital - he hopes there will be many more :)

Im off to Blighty now. Bobs brother John is taking over so if you see a chap you think is Bob please buy him a drink.

July 15, 2014

Lazarus and registration

Ole 'Lazarus' Bendik :)
back at his rightful place at the head of a table outside a cafe this morning.

Afterwards we went to the Maire to register young Etiennes birth
-a feast of paperwork  -

Great time, everyone joined in - and work has started on the new bathroom in Msr Francois house so if Alecia wants another baby we'll be ready