May 25, 2015

ghost town

Everyone disappeared for the holiday yesterday, heaven knows where to - it was dull and grey and pretty boring so the Captain put me and the dog in the car and we drove up to Montbel and the surrounding beautiful mountains. Here's Fontestorbes, the intermittent fountain.The roads were deserted too, perhaps everyone went to the coast?

May 24, 2015

Sunday sunshine...

...was sporadic. No rain but occasional cloud. Pretty good, in short - and all the world out having a blast :)

Here is O-B with his first family. I will not attempt to spell any names.
It seems the weather here is much like Norway at the moment, sadly -the family seem happy enough anyway:)

Love catching up with the news on a Sunday. Was chating with a couple of mates (Hatti and Gunter, since you ask) and happened to say that Annie and Pete ate with us last night and because everyone was tierd we watched a DVD - Under the Skin. They, Hatti and Gunter, also loved it and told me that the director whose name we can't remember spent his holiday last year in St Jean de Paracol.
For the geographically challenged, St Jean de P is a hamlet of about 20 souls, in a dip off a tiny road about 8 kilometers fom here. Not usually associated with mega stars of the creative world.

Below is Philippe, hurrying to try and finish the TyRex in time for the June opening, YESSSSS. I am not alone in longing for the day. And another excitement; 31st May is Esperaza's next vide Grenier. 

May 23, 2015

Up the hill

Breathtaking up the hill, Mont Marot - the snow is back on the distant mountain which tells you all you need to know about the weather here - suddenly chilly with too much wind.
Bob and I were there to replace our stolen gate with a cheap plastic chain. We're assuming that no-one will want to steal that. In order to deter hunters and ill-wishers, I have equiped the chain with some coptic curses threatening 70 diseases on the enemy; naturally it won't affect friends who want to use the land.

Everything is blooming. Orchids are up, wild garlic, almonds, scented bushes and flowers. It is a paradise.

May 20, 2015

cast in plaster

Andree has gone off to the hospital today for the cataract op. Everything is smelling of roses :) The French health system is wonderful and we expect here back tomorrow, gimlet-eyed.

May 19, 2015

six farewells, two hellos

Toby left for Amsterdam yesterday morning; Margaret, Cathy and the infant Samuel leave this morning for Ireland; Max and Andrea are off as I write to Winnipeg. On the plus side, Annie and Pete are here for a month.... and Bob gets back tomorrow.

 Here we are aperoing with Alicia, Ryan and Etienne in the garden and afterwards at dinner, where everyone was very nice about my failed tagine.

May 17, 2015

Todays surprise guest...

...was Marcus :)

Hes only here for 2 days so I felt very lucky to get a visit and to be able to chatter about the last year or so, since we last met.

Have closed up the garage - the Artistes a Suivre is over, the OFF is out and many an artist is heaving a happy sigh.
This one is hopping over the impasse to Leo and Tobys for dinner, hurrah :)

May 16, 2015

The wind

 Look what the wind blew in !!

And below, what the wind blew off...
Still finding this commerce thang difficult - being available and pleasent in two languages for an 8 hour day is exhausting. Hats off to shop keepers. Dunno how they do it.

Margaret and Cathy gave me and Kat and Mike and Hilary a restoratve apero last night which helped greatly :) We ate with Leo and Toby at the creperie afterwards. Slept like a log.

Annie and Pete, seen above with Gunter and Hatti, were too wrecked to come and play after flying in from strange parts but will be up and running today, with luck -