October 9, 2015

Billy's Birthday Bash

 Billy is nearly 25, he assured us last night - and many mates turned out to celebrate. Heres a random selection of snaps. Dave - a professional photographer, seen below with Dee - gave me several tips which haven't paid off. Yet. Though I like the portrait of John. And Kam is looking good:) Scot is back, see last snap - busily researching our Occitan past.

John and I ate at St Gobains the other night where they have a new chef, but all was excellent. Our little town is so blessed with resturants :) John has escaped my cooking ever since he got here.

October 8, 2015

Tomb with a view, anyone?

 Andree has decided that her family tomb is redundant. She is the last of her line to live in Esperaza so she has arranged that the current residents will shortly be disintered, cremated and scattered in the Field of Rememberance behind the cemetry.

Which leaves an empty family tomb; room for six, stone built. Price negotiable. Cheaper than having one built from scratch.
Spent this morning in the mountains watercolouring with Kat and Margaret. We went to the vineyards just below Esperasas' communal forest - beautiful, beautiful. 

 Then we went to lunch at Rennes Le Chateau on account of art is hard work. Here are Les Girls at Le Dragon de Rhedae by the eponymous chateau where we had a very good meal - oeuffs en cocotte avec foie gras followed by more deliciousness based on fish, spuds and aioli with a hint of vedg.
Which reminds me, John took me and Kat to TyRex last night and while it isnt haut cusine it was jolly good - we had the mixed grill and good red wine and were happy bunnies.

October 6, 2015

Comings and goings...

Look who are back in town!! The tribe clusted around John and Margaret last night at the Creperie - Mike and Hilary, Kat, Bob and I - lovely to see them again.
Sadly, Bob leaves today; just as his brother John arrives.

October 4, 2015


Here is Jannis, visiting from Berlin, to research my Papa - wonderful guest and I get to talk all day, plus eat out every night. Creperie Friday, TyRex last night, not loosing any weight but very smiley.

Market is looking good; we seem to have been spared the horrendous floods in Nice and Cannes. Love to friends who live that way, be safe xxx

October 2, 2015

all the latest

Just back from my hols where I was happy to meet this little chap...was at St Pierre de la Mer which is given over to 'seniors' at this time of year, before the cold but after the season. Frightfully good idea. You get rigorously well-balanced meals and gentle exercise. Was calm and relaxed, briefly.

The only other news is that I've signed the papers to be decommissioned from the lists to stand for a role in local politics. Phew!

Things are getting hot here as the mayors opponents line up in the race for power.

September 30, 2015

We have lost a friend...

Terrible news from El and Scottish Dave; 

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of our dear brother Don Stewart MacGregor.  He came to Esperaza for his last time just a few weeks ago when it was clear to us that all was not well.  He was a very generous man,  always full of fun and mischievous humour and enjoyed many a night at the Creperie with us all and loved nothing more that sharing laughs in the local cafes.  He will be dreadfully missed by us all.

Much love to the family and be assured, he won't be forgotten - least of all for his prowess at chess :) Here's my last photo of him, looking characteristically naughty - adieu Stu x
late news from Dave, just in;

 we are saying our final farewells to Don (aka Stu):
Funeral: Thursday 8th October at 11:30 Clydebank Crematorium, Mountblow Rd, Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire Scotland G81 4SL
All welcome

September 25, 2015

All the fun of the Fair

Esperaza fete began yesterday, more cause for celebration; so New Kelly, her sister Casey and partner Atol ate supper with me and Bob before braving the fun.