February 22, 2015

Tea with Annie and Pete

 You've seen the Esperaza house; you've seen the Quillan house; you've seen the mill at Couiza. The house in Essouira will come as no surprise.
It is a work in progress:)

And going to be lovely, one day. The challenges of restoration in a medina are complex - no cars so everything must be carried (or trollied) no modern materials available, many many steep and narrow stairs.
Very exciting. Especially the electrics.

This photo shows Annie on the top terrace taken by me on the lower terrace, at the top of many stairs in front of their bedroom.

Its cold, but not as cold as the mill.
 Tea time with friends and delicious teeth rotting little cakes. Below is Annies kitchen -
There are more photos but they are still in the camera. Im laid up with a cold and my asthma has gone ballistic so its all a bit blurry. More anon.

February 15, 2015

it rained

Market made a brave showing and was pleasent. as ever.... but enough now. Im off to Marrakesh on Tuesday very early so unless huge excitements occur this is the last posting for three weeks. Be good :)

February 14, 2015

Farewell to Tim and Yvonne

Tim and Yvonne are packed up and ready to go to their new home in Brittany - back to where they left to come  to Esperaza all those years ago. They will be missed. On the other hand, they are close to the sea at Mont St Micheal so we may well be visiting despite the lack of guest room:)

February 13, 2015

Friday 13th

 well, so far so good -

Its a beautiful day so Margaret and Kat and I decamped to Limoux.Was planning to draw in the church at Marcielles but it was big and cold and dark so we settled in the garden, with benches and tables and mad squirrels :)

Still forgetting to take snaps. Missed Roy and Jo and Margaret eating at mine last night; will probably miss the eaters at the creperie tonight.

February 11, 2015


The sun shines - though its cold - and life continues quietly in Esperaza which is all to the good. This charming box of giveaway books has appeared by the ex-internet shop in the square (for those with long memories, the one that was once a hairdressers, before that a children clothes shop, before that Isobel le Photos place)
Looks like its about to become another store selling rocks. If you lack crystals, fear not -

In the Big World, however, things are happening.... Barbara has hosted a huge party for Larrys 90th birthday in South Carolina and writes; 
Birthday party was a great success. Sixty some supper guests. I did five posters of photographs and  newspaper articles  making a simple chronicle of the ninety years. Left out a lot, too much.
She used this picture of Larry and his twin as the invitation; what beautiful kids. No idea which is Larry, which Rhett -
And Peter Dunn continues to be valued by the larger art world as well as by the Esperazanaise. An installation of his work from the 80's has just opened at Museo Nacional Centro de Arte, REINA SOFIA, Madrid, which is on till 13 July 2015.
Its called NOT YET. ON REINVENTING DOCUMENTARY AND CRITIQUE OF MODERNISM (Aún no. Sobre la reinvención del documental y la crítica de la modernidad) As he says, catchy:)

February 9, 2015

attention artists...

Esperaz'art is being organised by Dennis and his partner Sabrina, seen here with our Kat in her gallery today - the plan is for as many of us as possible to take over Esperaza on the 18th July. Flog your stuff, do workshops, participate in a spectacluar ephemeral mandala - it sounds very exciting especially as the new arts centre is going to re-define our corner of paradise.
Theres a facebook page, Esperaz'art, or contact me or Kat or stop Dennis in the street... easy :)

Its spring here. Beautiful day. All the world in the street, beaming goodwill.

February 8, 2015

A plethora of birthdays

 Its that time of year when Kate starts baking and we celebrate her birthday, Oscars birthday and (since the party has fallen on this Sunday this year) Bobs and Larrys too. Indeed we ended up toasting other Aquarians who happened to be there.
I get the rather smug feeling that age is improving us all.

I took the photos above early on in the party so late-comers didnt get snapped- some of our notable residents omitted.
Annie and Pete are back in town but I forgot to take the pix to authenticate this statement. Just take my word for it. They're back. Let joy be unconfined.