July 23, 2014

speed update

I'm back, brother-in-law has returned to Blighty apparently none the worse for wear; Bob gets to interim specialist in Friday so more news on him then; Andree went to hospital today, early, but they sent her home after a few tests as she is so well.
Thats enough excitement....

July 17, 2014


I lifted this picture from Ceri on Facebook - a lovely portrait of Claude. Claude has died; came off his quad bike, it seems, but there is going to be an inquest anyway. So very sad. He was a wonder.
Wishing courage and sending much love to his family and especially his daughters.She writes;

Bonjour à vous tous, j'ai le regret de vous annoncé le décès de notre père Claude Bayle, il nous a quittés ce lundi soir. Il est partit sans se retourner et sans souffrance, c'était un homme bon avec un cœur énorme. Je compte sur vous tous pour lui rendre hommage comme il se doit. Il laisse derrière lui 3 filles et 9 petits enfants qui sont très fières de lui. Merci à vous tous et je vous tiendrais informé de la date de ses funérailles.

July 16, 2014

new beginings

Here is our Mayor George Reverte congratulating Ryan on his son's birth whilst handing over the birth certificate. The mayor says this is the first Esperaza birth he has signed for; a home birth, not in hospital - he hopes there will be many more :)

Im off to Blighty now. Bobs brother John is taking over so if you see a chap you think is Bob please buy him a drink.

July 15, 2014

Lazarus and registration

Ole 'Lazarus' Bendik :)
back at his rightful place at the head of a table outside a cafe this morning.

Afterwards we went to the Maire to register young Etiennes birth
-a feast of paperwork  -

Great time, everyone joined in - and work has started on the new bathroom in Msr Francois house so if Alecia wants another baby we'll be ready

July 14, 2014

fireworks and fun at the end of the day

I was a bit too quick to take the proverbial out of the French National anthem, see last post - watched the celebrations on the tele from the Eiffel Tower live and (to my horror) they played Land of Hope and Glory; toe-curdlingly embarrassing...
They did all the good stuff too, Delibes, Wagner and what have you. Though I've never heard the Ride of the Valkyrie done with such glissando nor with more plein d'émotion Ghastly.

So, hey ho for the Esperaza town party - here are variously Corrinne, Ian, Kate and Dermot, Dutch persons, fireworks. This year we were forbidden the bridge and left by the Church - health and safety a gogo -

Margo and Theophile left this morning just before the rain hit... Bob still supine and malcontent. All quiet.
A sorry procession for this years Bastille day - rain not much of an inducement to form battalions and march with the citizens, as the national anthem would have us do. Before watering our gutters with the blood of our enemies, naturally. 
See the link for full words with English subtitles. In fairness I've never met a Frenchman who approves of it, I'm always 'hushed' when I try and sing it. Might be my voice though. 

July 12, 2014

Esperaza en fete

  Heres Theophile preparing for the party - he ate at the creperie with me and Margo and we all enjoyed that -

then it was the procession led by the dinosaur, with the kids carrying candles and lanterns. Hence to the square where a sort of disco band thang made an unholy row that the children adored. We shoved tissue in our ears and lasted as long as possible...

Many friends out and about and if I'd had more stamina and better ear protetction I'd have stayed for the good humoured fun.

look at that moon :) 

Thanks to all who have wished Bob well. 
He is touched by the level of support we are getting from our friends