August 31, 2015

Stolen from Susie

Was regreting not taking the customary market snaps and then saw that Susie Harrison had put loads on facebook - and is a great photographer. For some reason I think this gives me carte blanche to steal them... hope you don't mind, Susie :) 
Above is the third policeman ostensibly lifting Daniels pocket though of course he isnt... below the same policeman enjoys the local drumming, whilst below that is a shot of the baker who always plays his banjo. You have to imagine the sounds and smells of the market until the technology becomes available.

August 30, 2015

Bravo Esperaza

Bob and I overnighted in l'lse-sur-la-Sorgue in order to close my exhibition there (which went very well, thank you). The journeys there and back were horrific, involving hot sun and intense traffic. Returning to Esperaza in time for the last of the night markets felt like being let out of prison - there were all our mates and the towns' bon viveurs, partying away under the full moon....  though poor Bob was too knackered to come out, I did his share of celebrating.

Looking at my photos this morning I reaslise they are the visual equivalent of drunken ramblings.

My main regret is that new-girl-in-town, Kelly, hasn't come out well. I'm sure there will be other opportunities to snap her - shes bought a house just off the market square opposite the post office. And she's an artist :)

There was no music. It had been advertised but the gossip was that they just hadn't turned up. Then they did, to everyones delight; scantily clad young women with frantically energetic bottoms dancing to two drummers and a whistle.

All the internationl community and the french residents agreed; its a pity the night markets are ended. Its been a lovely season. Thanks to all for their hard work in planning and realising the many events, the food, wine and jolly ambiance.

August 27, 2015

ineptitude pays off...

 Pete took pity on mine and Bobs' ineptitude and cooked us dinner - we addressed many serious issues and agreed that the young are terrific and may see us through. Despite it all. Bob isn't sleeping below, he is harnessing his energy to make another point. Great night, Pete, thanks :)
Things to note: The Monday night market will be on Saturday this week and is the last of the season. There are bands playing and it will be good. Come along.
The other is a tad more anxious making... Philippe, who got burnt in the Rue St Helene fire, has been diagnosed with tuberculosis. This means that the team that cared for him have been exposed to the virus and they are the local doctors and nurses - yup, those who move around the town dealing with the elderly, the frail, the ill. Get a test if you think you have a chance of exposure and don't fret, its easy in this day-and-age to deal with it.

August 24, 2015

Epoch ending

Frightfully fin de siecle last night, at Corrinnes farewell party. The usual suspects had a delightful evening trying not to get too nostalgic. The final signing - when Corrinne hands over her home to another - is on Thursday and the girl will be around a little longer before going to England where she will no doubt bloom and prosper and MISS US ALL (>sniff<)

Ive been pretty idle lately - forgot to report the circus which has been in town for three or four days -also forgot to photograph the strange selection of animals they tether by the river between shows. All gone now. Likewise Sunday nights' tour de force, Lotto in the square. The French love their Lotto (=Bingo) and concentrate profoundly while attempting to win hams and trays of meat.

Weather has turned autumnal suddenly, jumpers are being worn in the mornings.

August 23, 2015

Raining in France

The neighbours said that it was thanks to the prayers of the mantis that we didnt have rain for the market, which was indeed sunny and crowded. Brought out the artists. Cloudy and damp now though. 
Mantis on half-power probably.

August 22, 2015

Absent friends

Breakfast in Esperaza aint what it used to be.... OB and Steve this morning, plus a brief visit from Edith.

Bob on the mend - slowly -

and here is the bottom of the parrot cage.

August 21, 2015

fete du vin continuing...

The fete du vin sweeps sequentially through Esperaza, from one Cafe to another... last night was the turn of the Relais Occitan, Alains gaff. Tables in the square. Food by the new butcher, l'authentique and le Fournil bakery. Heres our friend Lizzie tucking in - shes visiting from St Hilaire and Southwark - brilliant to see her. Bob still unwell but wanting to spend time with Lizzie made the effort.
Today, alas, he is paying for it. Worth it though :)

We all know Therese! She takes the photos for l'Independent and secretly rules Esperaza.
Here are the other  Queens of the town - Kat, El and El's ma -

And random snaps, Pete in the best waistcoat in the world, the band Les Traitres who did the job excellently and Scottish Dave with a fast friend.

I spent the day in Carcassonne with my nephew Tom who is staying with friends in Toulouse - we went to the Dufy expo and a new show at the Maison des Memoires. Had lunch. Had a great deal of laughter. He returns to York by bus from Toulouse - for 20 quid. Student deal which might suit some readers... apropo, Tom is no longer a student. He's got a degree in law. Always handy to have a lawyer in the family.