July 2, 2015

new month

July is on us and its hot - though today clouded over the temps dropped to the 30's. Comfortable. Here's Tango making himself at home.

Brother-in-law John is here with Bob so with reason to celebrate we took Andree to Pekin etToyko, the Chinese buffet place in Limoux. Ate massively (love it there) and we spent most of the afternoon sleeping it off. Pretty much the same yesterday only it was the Creperie we ate at - lala, c'est la vie :)

June 30, 2015

Vote early, vote often

Armed with household bills, mine own and those of friends, plus my passport, I set out to the town hall to place votes in yon plastic box.
After the effort of getting the paperwork together and having hassled all and sundry for the right to vote for the absent foreigners, none of it was necessary; they trusted me,  I was told, and so I got to vote three times.
Now  realise I could have voted some more but I guess thats WHY they trust me - I didn't.

There's a week to go. If you haven't voted yet, please do - as a neighbour I met there said, its nice to be asked.

Back on the domestic front, parrot Tango and Tortoise Oswald are getting to meet. Here's Oswald nicking Tangos apple.
Hot here. 41 degrees expected. Keep cool, keep watered.

June 28, 2015

The Market

The market yesterday was baking and like most locals I got in and out early... and bumped into dear Edith who as you can see is on sticks. The darling took a tumble by the river; you know how people dig holes to take the sand? One such had been covered with garden waste, grass clipping type stuff, so she didn't see the hole and one leg went in while the other went out. Something cracked.She's unable to be a potter now as you need all your body but thinks she hears the call of the modeler.

Good news, as shes a devastatingly good modeler :)

Get well soon though and take it easy, if you can -

The only other news is that I gave lunch to Jamsie from St Ferriol and forgot to take a photo. Too busy talking about early gnostic practices and the roots of the local heresies.

La Chaleur is official - temps of 41 degrees forecast for this week.

June 27, 2015

yesterdays news

 It was cloudy yesterday, a bit of a respite from the heat wave- I went for a wander and found that the bakery in Rue Voltaire has sprouted this rather alarming life-sized cymbalist and that there is another barrier in the road by the post office. Crowd control, no doubt.
 And then... heres Tango, the latest in our menagerie. Lily the dog is terrified of him. The rabbits and the tortoise haven't met him yet but I think he may be a natural leader.

June 26, 2015


...trotted off to Carcassonne to get supplies. Realised that something was up when the train wasn't waiting at Limoux; the huddled masses hung around in the hot sun until anther bus arrived to take us on to town.
Why, oh why, didn't I go into the station and check things out?? Alas, I didn't - so it was just after 3.00 when I discovered my only chance of getting back was on a bus 10 mins after 7.00pm. ( strike - at least I think what 'pour les raisons sociale' meant)

Hung about in the even hotter sun, grinding my teeth somewhat. Then pulled myself together and trotted off to the Beaux Arts where there was no expo as they are between shows. The good news is that the long-awaited Dufy opens on the 4th July and I bagged an invite to the vernissage on the 3rd.

Time well wasted after all -

All this messing about meant I got home at 8.30 and missed the MJC event which I'd been looking forward to. I'm told it was excellent -

June 25, 2015

the heat goes on...

... luckily our mountain climate offers gentle breezes to stop the heat becoming oppressive. 
Here's Alecia and Etienne taking tea with Andree yesterday in her cool house and later we apero'd in John and Margarets lovely garden, with Hilary and Mike, Nancy and Joe. 

Don't forget tonight at the MJC!

Protection devices; quis custodat ?

After this mornings' blog re; the vote on CCTV, I have had my letter. It begins;

'As part of the fight against delinquency and terrorism , Msr le Prefet de l'Aude offers municipalities the opportunity to acquire a video protection device by providing a large subsidy for a feasibility study of the video protection devises... '

So, you are pro-delinquency, pro-terrorism and a cheapskate if you deny this opportunity. Feasibility studys are of course expensive; not in the letter is the cost of the installation and the maintenance of CCTV - no doubt it will be tiny and the community will happily bear it. We are told that this is a complementary tool for the  municipal police to dissuade acts of vandalism. Does complementary mean free?

It goes on to explain that the cameras will be fixed in the streets, the squares, the parks and the stations, whilst simultaneously respecting the privacy of the citizens.  How can it do both? - Either they are watching or they ain't.

 Our Mayor makes it clear what he expects our votes to be - ' de diminuer le sentiment d'insecurite ressenti par une parti de nos concitoyens.' As balanced pleas goes, this is outrageously slewed.

Those of us from the cities of Europe who know the reality of CCTV, the rise of hoodies and the knife crimes below the camera angle, the increased burglaries just out of range, the missing tapes when ever an authority is called to book, the lack of control over the watchers whoever they are, the inability of the authorities to use CCTV to charge for traffic crimes, the gross diminution of personal responsibility plus of course the increased need for extra policing (installation, maintenance, observation and occasional action) - WHA??? This is a town of nearly 2,000 souls, mostly retired people.
-Whom will this installation serve?