October 29, 2014


This post not really anything to do with Esperaza except that me, Kat and Margaret absented ourselves to visit Jean-Pierre, seen here, plus his remarkable cat Jolibert (actually spelt Julivert in Catalan, Im told -), ditto. 
Had an amazing time in the mountains.

Many thanks to J-P for hosting, Kat and Margaret for driving. :)

October 26, 2014

Farewell to Corrinne - till April

 Corinne is leaving us, with feeble excuses about family in the UK; she'll be back for the spring. She held an apero to say goodbye and made her own cheese straws. The perfect hostess.
Below, Toby can be spotted admiring the roof, see above - a traditional ceiling, tres chic - at the bottom is Corinne herself (clutching at a cheese straw.)

Its dark because the hour has changed. And its a week till halloween, here called Tous Saints - still the feastday of the dead. Wouldn't work if it wasn't dark, eh.


Sunday afternoon and Anne from Coiza dropped in - on fine form - followed by Ryan and Etienne (and Alicia but she is out of shot) We were hugely entertained by Etienne as he furiously tries to crawl.
Its HOT here - t-shirt weather though not shorts. Market was small but charming and nothing happened. Lovely Sunday.

October 25, 2014

Saturday morning at the potterie

Spent the morning pottering at Ediths - here she is, holding a portrait of daughter Titas' partner (Kevin) made by her grandchild. Its lovely and makes a good claim for the genetic transmission of talent.

Can't recommend the calm good-humoured amosphere of Ediths atelier highly enough; got stress? Go pot.

October 24, 2014

This morning -

 This mornings' views  from Chez Rushton as the sun began to rise...

...and Ann at coffee in the new patisserie proir to quitting us for the airport.

Mad or what?

John R and John M birthday party

 Spent last night at Rushtons chateau at St Julia Le Bec celebrating his birthday and that of John M. Above is Clare, aka Mrs R., bringing in the cake -

  Here is Rushton flanked by Susan and Alison. Oddly I have no pictures of the other birthday boy, John M., proabably because he was seated next to me at the table and its a bit hard to snap up someones nose - ditto Mark, who was the other side of me. Jude was at the bottom of the table (not under, at least not all the night) and so was Richard.
One of the others snapped Rushton and Eric sharing some profound experience.

Wonderful magical night.... thanks to the birthday boys and the tribe for making it happen