October 19, 2014

sunday 19 oct

John M kindly send this snap from this morning - captured a certain je ne sais quoi - cheers John :)


 Everyones on holiday so I'm in charge of the chickens for the weekend. And I caught a mouse in my kitchen. There are lizards in the studio and a dragon fly in the dinning room. The weather is still glorious so the bees persist in their heavy humming. Actually, the real wildlife was in the market today where all the tribes seemed to have gathered to sing and dance - sweet:)
Now to catch the brother of this little chap...

October 17, 2014


                                                         Heres Andree - ready for an upgrade :)

Bouillabaisse at St Gobain

Eileen Agar made many ceremonial hats and one of my favorites is for eating bouillabaisse - its in the Victoria and Albert Museum now. Heres an article on its restoration...

Surprisingly, no hats were worn at the Bouillabaisse event at St Gobains last night.

There were other surreal moments - normal when the tribe gathers. Heres Olle-Bendik surveying his table of women; Toby and John M; Robin, being magisterial after hurling blanquette hither and yon. Highly entertaining evening :)

October 16, 2014


Ryan and Alica, heavily disguised, bought the honey combs down from the mountain to be bashed up to make honey - no-one was stung, I baby sat and Etienne didnt wake up, I predict excellent honey :)

October 14, 2014

stop press

There are new chairs in the cafe du Pont!!!! 

- and Patrick Modino and Jean Tirole win a Nobel each - literature and economics, both Frenchmen; not bad for a country often assumed to have a moribund culture.

October 12, 2014


 Young Etienne continues to prosper, getting plumper by the second. Hes adorably good company, begining to engage and curious about everything. Including himself now.

The market was small, lots of traders off in other paradises. There was a vide-grenier in Couiza that I didnt get to; Bob left for London today; l went to the mountain and photographed figs; also went to the church and snapped the window that commemorates the first european war.

The list of the dead is long. Our little commune was hard hit. Was thinking of my great-uncle, a much-loved gentle hearted man, perceptive and intuitively kind. He was in this war, fighting on the Somme. He told me about it as he smoked his pipe one night, his eyes twinkling. He's been sent out to no-mans-land to check on enemy movements and he was wriggling along as the dawn came up. He said, I was ashamed to be on my belly like a worm in the face of the dawn. So I stood up. [lit pipe, puff puff] And they shot me.
He was hospitalised, patched up, returned. Lived to be over 100 years old, full of wisdom.