October 1, 2014

Silver lining at last

Its been horrid for friends, this last bout of heavy rain. Max had a flood, everyone has a water story though most are merely inconviences. OB and Aileen have been hardest hit - flooded out of their home - they are determined to stay and watch their beasts and try to salvage what they can.

Here is the afternoon sky, clearly brightening. Much love to them.

On Saturday, before the rain, Susie was burnt out and lost everything. Her life and the lives of her children were mercifully spared. There is a fund to help them; heres the link, do what you can :)


September 30, 2014


 Max and Bob and I went to Tyrex last night. It rained so hard that we had to shout at each other to be heard and this made the meal hard going... poor Bob has a new hearing aid and all he could hear was very very loud drumming.
Back at the ranch the yard was ankle deep in water and the tortoise had to be speedily rehoused. Inside.

Variety, they say, is the spice of life; l prefer a blander diet.

September 29, 2014

end of fete

Back from Avignon where we had a great holiday with old chums and new art.

In Esperaza the town fete carried on without us; this morning, wetish, they are packing up.  I was very charmed by the cut-out pictures of mirrored balls hung over the bar...

Suns coming out:)

September 24, 2014

apero divine

 I'm awash with blanquette and Toby's fabulous cooking, the goodwill of friends and the pleasure of re-connecting; and new friends too, people you know you like who don't yet know that they should be living here :)

 sorry about the strange photo Dave, bizarre but charming  (like yourself guv)

and welcome, welcome back Max! Heres to the next couple of weeks. Bob and I train it to Avignon to meet an old art school friend of mine - last seen, I think, 45 years ago - for a long weekend. If we survive we'll be back to carry on where we left off tonight. xxx to all, thanks for a great night

September 23, 2014

good looking family

Etienne and his grandmama Lily; tres mignon:)

Thats all thats happening really, family stuff - I missed Lou's sewing night last night due to complete knackeration after a day arranging to sell my Toulouse appartment; afterwards Bob and I ate at The Gallery in Quillian, Jenny Schraggs old place.
Where is she now, anyone know? Last heard of in Port Vendre - but I digress.
The Gallery is a wonderful resturant, it was full and the food is terrific though its roughly the price of Gaydar's friday special so it should be good:) I had fresh salmon in blanquette after thin marinated beef and before homemade nougat icecream. Hmm.
Bob and I are trying to catch up with our various tasks after last weeks' extravaganza's.

September 21, 2014

Vide Grenier and camping

Irene, who has been managing the camping site here in Esperaza for some years now, has been given her marching orders- because shes not European. She's Swiss. And so can speak any number of langagues and has people skills that people normally train for years at vast expense to acquire but beacause shes not allowed legally to handle municiple dosh, must go and loose her home and livlihood...

She is extremely good natured about all this, dosent know where she will go or what she will do but awaits the new chapter of her life with her customary sang foid:). 

I photographed her at the vide grenier where she was flogging off old stuff. We got her curtains -

September 20, 2014

Tonights fun...

 This evenings entertainment is at St Gobain, Robins' gaff; its part of the festival du vin. The road is closed to accomodate the hordes and on my evening stroll everyone was heading there - heres our Sian looking glam:)
 Bob and I are tragically all food-and-wined out and are settling in for a quiet evening followed by an early night.

- Its the towns vide-grenier tomorrow, have to be fit for that.

Here is the railway line, looking in need of a trim. It does function, very well - just looks disused.