October 24, 2014

This morning -

 This mornings' views  from Chez Rushton as the sun began to rise...

...and Ann at coffee in the new patisserie proir to quitting us for the airport.

Mad or what?

John R and John M birthday party

 Spent last night at Rushtons chateau at St Julia Le Bec celebrating his birthday and that of John M. Above is Clare, aka Mrs R., bringing in the cake -

  Here is Rushton flanked by Susan and Alison. Oddly I have no pictures of the other birthday boy, John M., proabably because he was seated next to me at the table and its a bit hard to snap up someones nose - ditto Mark, who was the other side of me. Jude was at the bottom of the table (not under, at least not all the night) and so was Richard.
One of the others snapped Rushton and Eric sharing some profound experience.

Wonderful magical night.... thanks to the birthday boys and the tribe for making it happen

October 22, 2014

new plans for Esperaza

Francine - she who lives in the house wherein Andree was born and used to work in the post office, that Francine - was outside her place this morning with a petition.

Our new Mayor is starting work in early 2015, to close the car-park outside Luc's bar and make it exclusively for the use of buses; the buses will turn in the foreground of the school opposite where the plane trees will be cut down.

The new car park will be by the childrens playground, behind the school -  the road to access that will be opened along the river front to the cafe du Pont, cutting down the plane trees in the way (picture shows one of them), taking down the little park and all other obstacles.

The children will use an entrance to their school that involves a little corridor and a staircase. (?? Francine thinks this is bad for the kids.)

There will also be a new speed bump by the school to slow the traffic on the Rue de la Gare.

I asked what the use of a petition is, since the Mayor is King. Francine says it will be sent to the funders - the regional councils and the locals boys - asking them to withdraw funding.

Should you want to sign it, it'll be in Lucs cafe for a while.

October 20, 2014

Tea time

 Living in France dosent preclude tea, though its a ritual I often forget. Not any more. Margaret invited Kat, Hilary and me to join her and Ann in dinky cups of Dargeeling and lemon, smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches, cakes. We were forced to complain about the heat of the day whilst sheltering under a sunshade. 

October 19, 2014

sunday 19 oct

John M kindly send this snap from this morning - captured a certain je ne sais quoi - cheers John :)


 Everyones on holiday so I'm in charge of the chickens for the weekend. And I caught a mouse in my kitchen. There are lizards in the studio and a dragon fly in the dinning room. The weather is still glorious so the bees persist in their heavy humming. Actually, the real wildlife was in the market today where all the tribes seemed to have gathered to sing and dance - sweet:)
Now to catch the brother of this little chap...