August 29, 2014

comings and goings...and returns

Zoe, Linda, Tilly and Kitty set off to England yesterday morning. By the afternoon they had returned for their passports.

Heres Tilly looking sweetly forbearing :) Apropos, the farewell dinner happened at the restaurant in Quillan  opposite the Pink Palace, in the square by the river - the Restaurant du Fleuve -  its under new management, (French) and was very good. Everyone in our party was pleased, including Tilly the vegetarian and Kitty the mysteriously complex. The bog-standard steak and chips was better than most, the duck was excellent, the pork Provencal was terrific. Puddings, ooh lets not even talk about them. Made in house, all of it.

Bob and I have nearly two week alone now

August 26, 2014

goodby to Pete and Clare...

 Toby - seen through a romantic haze, above - hosted last nights party to say farewell to Pete and Clare who are really leaving this time. Pete played and sang for us, wonderfully :)

    Young Sian enjoyed it, I think - and cherie, I have quite forgiven you for the ice bucket down my back

Leo was clearly entertained and Elaine and Eric, below, were happily oblivious to all...
 ...yet again my record taking was patchy. There too were our Kat, Dave and El, and um perhaps others. I was late as we had eaten at St Gobain with Bobs guests, who went on to enjoy the night market.

Today I hoof it to a small hamlet the other side of Carcassonne to meet with old mates Richard and Alison. Back soon :)

August 24, 2014

lunch with the chickens

 Up to the Poulet en Velo for Sunday  lunch with Pete and Clare and our guests, Linda, Zoe, Tilly and Kitty. They got here Friday morning after driving all night from London; Friday and Saturday were sleeping and now Zoe is trying to get over a massive migraine, Linda her double vision. I'm hoping they'll be well enough to do the return journey, poor things....

Les Daves Ecossais en fete

 Wonderful party last night, despite the weather (which is very chilly.) Industrial strength blanquette, food fit for a palace and the enduring friendship of our happy few made the evening tremendous. The snaps are a bit random on account of the usual excuses -
 Heres a man in black :)

- and below, Pete and Clare turned up out of the blue, having made their farewells a week ago. Couldn't stay away, of course

August 21, 2014

At home with Louise

Last nights craft night with Lou was a sweet rest - Yvonne, Sue, Nel and me gossiped happily while Lou did creative stuff. Oh and Nel knitted.

We were not going to the Festival du Vin which was where all our other mates were and was apparently great too, at Alains in the square. There was music and dancing. Ah, youth :)

August 20, 2014

all change

Family gone! We'll miss them... but Etienne is still here, still blowing bubbles :)
Here are a couple of random snaps; the mayor leading the conga (nearly) at the night market on Monday and James and William having a gossip at the creperie

August 18, 2014


                                              Either Ryan has shrunk or Etienne is getting bigger